What does a Conveyancer do?

Conveyancers generally perform all of the legal transactional work involved in the purchase or sale of a property. They can either have a Diploma level qualification or the required experience.

Conveyancing work includes preparation of Contracts and Vendor’s Statements, required State Revenue and Land Titles Office documentation, as well as co-ordinating the matter through to settlement with the relevant parties.

Relevant parties include but are not limited to banks, government authorities, real estate agents, accountants, financial planners, vendors and purchasers.

Whilst a licensed Conveyancer has an understanding of the conveyancing process and requirements, a trained Lawyer will have a qualified understanding of the underlying legislation, case law and regulations relating to the transaction.

If there is a dispute which must be taken to court, a Litigation Solicitor is then required.

Here at Convey Legal, we are both Licenced Conveyancers and Australian Lawyers.