About Us

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We are an online Conveyancing Practice servicing all properties in Victoria.

Why Choose Us?

We are experienced

With over 20 years of experience working in the property law industry, we are well equipped to deal with the variety of property transfer matters which may arise. In particular, we specialise in SMSF property transfers and property developments.

We are qualified

The Principal of Convey Legal is both a Licensed Conveyancer and an Australian Lawyer. We therefore have a good understanding of the transactional requirements as well as a qualified understanding of the legal and legislative requirements.

We are friendly and professional

At Convey Legal we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of service as well as being friendly and caring towards all of our clients.

Our prices are affordable

Most Conveyancers charge based on high volume rates which means they may often be too busy to afford a high standard of care. Solicitors often charge a higher rate due to their qualifications and expertise, however, Solicitors are often more pre occupied with larger cases paying them higher fees. At Convey Legal we provide expert service at the lowest price.

Our services are on-line

We provide on-line services which make the process simpler and easier. In addition, there is no need to attend our offices and we can assist customers from all over Victoria.